Accepting defeat

She texted me this morning because she found an email from me on his phone. The email had screenshots of his text messages telling me that their son is not his and that he is not in a relationship with her. They were old text messages from June of 2014.

I took her texts as a sign that he was home and told them both I was heading over there to get her things. When I got there he lied and told me he wasn’t home.  I could hear him upstairs and his car was outside.  So I texted her and asked her to tell him to put our daughter’s things outside. He did begrudgingly.  For some reason he wanted me to not talk to him for a few weeks and wait for him to calm down so we can talk.

There’s nothing for he and I to talk about. There is no future where he and I are together.  There is no future where he is a father to her or a part of her life. I’ve known this for a very long time.  It’s not my fault. It’s just what he’s decided and all paths lead to the same ending.  No matter what I do or what he says, it always ends the same.


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